Most businesses, regardless of their type, encounter multi-lingual challenges at some point or another. DMI is your partner in breaking down those communication barriers so you can conduct business smoothly!

DMI is a full service language translation and interpretation company with over 10 years of experience. Our team of translators and interpreters are some of the best and most experienced in the field. They are ready to help you meet your multi-lingual needs in any of the 100 languages we offer.

Our accuracy, precision, reliability and cost effectiveness have earned us the trust of county, state and federal government entities as well as companies in the private sector.

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DMI services include:

Translations Services

  • Consists of written translation from a source language into a target language. This includes but is not limited to the translation, proofreading and editing of documents, manuals, books, brochures, fliers and websites.

Interpretations Services

  • Consists of the conversion of an oral communication from a source language into a target language verbal rendition. This includes but is not limited to simultaneous, consecutive, on-site, telephonic, escort service, audio and video tape.

Transcription services

  • Consists of converting audio and visual communication into a written document; It can be in English or a foreign language

*Fields of expertise: Legal, Business, Medical, Technical
*Not limited to fields mentioned above

Some of our clients include:

  • Social Security Administration - Translation and transcription services
  • The State of Maryland - On-site interpretation and translation to a diverse array of state agencies including: Workers Compensation Commission, Department of Social Services, Department of Labor, Department of Juvenile Services, and Maryland Vehicle Administration
  • State of Tennessee - Translation of manuals and other important documents

Other clients include:

  • BWI Airport
  • US National Guard Bureau
  • Department of Energy
  • US Housing Department
  • US Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Certifications: MBE, SDB,
NAICS Code: 531930- Translation and Interpretation Services

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